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Camel Trekking

Adventure time - a special way to discover egypt is from the back of the camels. For all who want to combine adventure with culture.

Camel Trekking in the Sinai

 Camel Trekking in the Great Sand Sea

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The scenery of this trekking reminds of the beginning of the earth. This tour is leading us through valleys, mountains and canyons. It is for those who want discover this magnificent landscape and learn about the way of life of the Bedouins. This route leads us on a path of the old road of the caravans which in the past left from the Mediterranean Sea to Sudan while passing through Siwa and Farafra.
This trekking takes us through an admirable dune landscape. The starting point of this trip is the farm of our local partner, where all the camels are. Almost all the foodstuffs comes from the organic farming what is unique here.
Duration: 9 days Duration: 14 days
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Camel Trekking in the White Desert & Cairo

Camel Tour White Desert

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In the west of Egypt, near the Libyan border, is located the famous White Desert. A region of mineral sculptures which form in the middle of the desert a strange landscape, born by erosion and by the eternal breath of wind. The starting point of the camel trekking is the Bahariya oasis with its dates palm trees and its olive-trees. Sources of hot water rich in mineral invite to a well-being bath. Upon reaching Bahariya, departure by 4X4 jeep to the White Desert. Visit the Black Desert and the dune area, where we climb a 50 meter dune. Lunch in El Heiz Oasis, and then begin trip to Farafra. En route, we visit the Crystal Mountain, where we will meet the camels. We visit El Akabat and then head to the White Desert to explore the formations and wind carved sculptors. In the evening, we have a barbeque dinner and sleep in tents under the stars.
Duration: 10 days Duration: 4 days
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