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One of the new popular tours to Egypt is to sail down the Nile in the Dahabeya Style, a type of ships that were used by the royal family of Egypt during the beginning of the 20th century.

This Nile Cruise Holidays package is an amazing choice for all the family members giving them the chance to spend three nights in Cairo and one night in Luxor visiting the most interesting highlights of the two cities and spend four nights in one of the most fabulous Dahabeya Ships in Egypt This travel package is the best choice for travelers who wish to sail down the Nile in an elegant different style.

Dahabeya or the golden ships started being famous sailing down the Nile in Egypt during the reign of the royals in 1920s to 1940s. The members of the royal family of Egypt and members from the high class of the society used to rent, or own, these magnificently designed ships for weeks to enjoy visiting the Pharaonic monuments located near the Nile banks and to enjoy sailing down the Nile in a luxurious matchless style.


Duration 9 nights 10 days
Cities visit in this travel package Cairo, Luxor , Aswan
Accommodation 3 nights Cairo - 1 night Luxor - 4 nights Dahabiya -1 night Aswan
Meals Cairo, Luxor, Aswan with breakfast , Nile cruise full board
Beverage included only in Dahabiya
Transportation by our private deluxe coach, domestic flights
Entrance Fees included
Price on request

Day 1: Cairo Arrival

Upon arrival in Cairo, the guest will meet our representative who will be your best friend for the coming days. The guest will check in the hotel in a few minutes to enable him/her to rest and refresh for an amazing tour of Cairo in the next day. The rooms in the hotel are designed to suit the needs of any travelers having all sorts of facilities. Overnight in the hotel

Day 2: Cairo

The guest will enjoy a delicious breakfast to energize his power for his tour in Cairo -      
After breakfast, you will meet up with your highly educated long experienced Egyptologist who will escort you for the rest of the day. Your first stop will be at the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities hosting the largest collection of Pharaonic displays in the whole world including the startling treasures of King Tut Ankh Amun and the Royal mummies' hall. This is besides many other exhibitions form different Pharaonic periods. Your tour of the Museum will be accompanied by the perfect illustration of different stages of the Egyptian history.

Your next visit will be to discover the Saladin Citadel, built by the great Ayoubid king and warrior, Salah El Dine Al Ayouby between 1176 and 1183 AD to protect Cairo and Egypt against the foreign attacks. This citadel became the seat of the power in Egypt for a very long period afterwards.

The guest will have the chance to visit the startling Mohamed Ali Alabaster Mosque lactated inside the citadel. Mohamed Ali, who is considered the founder of Modern Egypt, decided to build this amazing mosque between 1830 and 1848 AD to look like the great mosques built by the Ottomans in Istanbul, like the famous Aya Sofia Mosque -

Your next visit of the day will be to the Pyramids of Giza, the most popular monument in the whole world, built by the pharaohs from the period starting from 2590 BC to 2480 BC.

You will have the chance to explore the wonders of the Great Pyramid, the largest Pyramid ever constructed in Egypt which was built by King Cheops in 2589 BC, and it is the only remaining item in the list of the Greek Old Seven wonders of the world.

You will discover the beauty of the lion's body and the human headed Sphinx, one of the largest monolith statues in history of mankind.

Your tour will be accompanied, all the time, with wonderful historical interpretation explaining the reasons behind building such massive structure.

Your last visit of the day will be to Khan El Khalili, the largest and most famous touristic market in the world. This bazaar, built in 1382 during the Mamluk reign, is the best place to shop for Egyptian gifts and souvenirs to take home from Cairo.

You will have a marvelous chance in the evening to go on an optional tour to the sound and light show in the pyramids, which will be an amazing opportunity to listen to a wonderful demonstration of the ancient Egyptian history and the story behind the pyramids building. Overnight in the hotel

Day 3: Cairo – Luxor

After having tasty breakfast, the guest will check out the hotel in Cairo. Transfer using the most comfortable air-conditioned minivan to the Cairo international airport to take the flight going to Luxor. Arrival in Luxor and check in your hotel in Luxor.

You will start your visits by exploring the Karnak Temple, the largest religious Pharaonic structure ever built in the world. The kings of the Pharaohs staring from the 11th dynasty (2055 – 1985 BC) began adding their mark, one after the other, to this huge complex of Pharaonic temples. The Karnak temple includes the breathtaking hypostyle hall of the god Amun built by Ramses II in 1244 BC, the sacred lake of god Amun, and many more attractions.

Your next visit this evening will be to the Luxor Temple. Dedicated to the holy Theban triad, the gods Amun, Mut, and Khonsu, it is one of the finest examples of the Pharaonic architecture.

Although the construction work of the temple was mainly completed by Amenhotep III (1390 – 1352 BC) and Ramses II (1279 1213 BC), many kings who came afterwards have added their marks to this great complex including Alexander the Great. The Luxor temple was buried under sand and dust for years until it was discovered in 1881.

Enjoy the evening touring Luxor on your own style or you can go to the marvelous sound and light show at the Karnak Temple, to enjoy a fascinating illustration of the history of the Temple of Karnak and the entire Egyptian history and watch the amazing light show. Overnight in the Dahabeya 

Day 4: Dahabeya sailing starting from Esna

After having the best breakfast, the guest will check out the hotel, take his private most comfortable minivan to drive to Esna, embark the royally designed Dahabeya Ship to sail down the Nile like kings and queens in the most romantic and relaxing atmosphere.

Your first stop will be at The City of Nekheb, this ancient city, which was a flourishing center in the past, hosted the temples to Thoth and Nebket and was very first established during prehistoric times.

The city remained, through the Ptolemaic times as an important cult center fort the god Nebket.

The Dahabeya will go on sailing to reach one of the small islands located in the Nile to stay there for the night - All the sights visited is comfortably wheelchair accessible. 

Overnight in the Dahabeya

Day 5: Dahabeya sailing reaching Edfu

After breakfast, you will have the chance to visit the amazing Temple of Horus in Edfu. This temple is the largest and best preserved Ptolemaic temple in Egypt.

The building work of the temple started during the reign of Ptolemy III in 237 BC and the construction continued until 80 BC. The temple includes wonderfully decorated walls and stone capitals.

Enjoy the evening in the Dahabeya. Sail down the Nile and overnight in the Dahabeya 

Day 6: Sailing to Kom Ombo

Have  the best breakfast ever smelling the fresh Nile breeze and watching the amazing greenery scenes. Your first visit of the day will be to the Gebel El Selsela to visit the temple of Horemoheb, the last king of the 18th dynasty who built this temple or chapel dedicated to the god Amun and many other gods who are associated with the Nile like Sobek, Khnum, and Satet. Many other kings from the 19th dynasty completed the ornaments of the chapel.

Your next stop will be at the ancient stones quarry where the ancient Egyptians belonging to the New Kingdom got most of the stones they used in erecting their fabulous monuments like the Karnak, Kom Ombo, Dendara, and Edfu.

In your last visit of the day you will have the chance to visit the amazing Temple of Kom Ombo dedicated to two gods; Horus, the falcon god, and Sobek, the crocodile god.

The Greco-Roman temple is famous for its matchless location overlooking the Nile. Construction work of the temple started in the 2nd century BC by Ptolemy VI and was completed during the reign of Ptolemy XII during the 1st century AD.

In the evening, the guest will have the chance to enjoy a romantic candle lit dinner on board of the Dahabeya. These moments would be never forgotten all over our lives.

Imagine having the most delicious dishes, enjoying the breezes of the Nile, and forgetting all the world around you in this dreamy ambiance. Overnight in the Dahabeya

Day 7: Daraw and sailing to Koubania

You will start your day with the energizer breakfast. The first visit of the day will be to Daraw; this amazing town located on the Nile bank is one of the most interesting places to visit during your Dahabeya Nile Cruise.

The town is famous for its many markets especially the camels "Souq"

The next visit will be to the Koubania village, which will offer you with an amazing chance to mingle with the Nubian community, share experience with them, and view how they cope with their daily lives. Overnight in the Dahabeya 

Day 8: Dahabiya Nile Cruise Aswan

After having breakfast, the Dahabeya will reach Aswan near noon time.

It is time to farewell the Captain, the crew, and the rest of the small group you have spent the last few days with disembark the Dahabeya after spending the most wonderful Nile Cruise.

Our representative will be waiting for you in Aswan to escort you in the private comfortable minivan to reach your hotel in Aswan. Check in the hotel

Start your visits with one of the most beautiful temples constructed in Egypt, the Temple of Philae.

This fabulous temple dedicated to the goddess Isis was constructed as one of the finest examples of the combined architecture of ancient Egyptians and the Greco-Romans styles.

This temple, due to the construction of the High Dam was all covered with water until it was relocated in its present day location in the Agilika Island by the UNESCO project that took 8 years from 1972 to 1980 to be completed

Your next visit of the day will be to the High Dam, built by the former Egyptian president, Gamal Abdel Nasser in the 1960s to reserve the Nile Water that was lost every year in the artificial Nasser Lake.

The High Dam, that was viewed as an architectural miracle at the time, also generates a lot of the electricity consumed in Egypt -

The guest afterwards will go to visit the famous Unfinished Obelisk, a gigantic granite obelisk dating back to the Pharaohs New Kingdom. If this huge obelisk was completed it would have weighed more than 1197 tons.

This will be a marvelous chance to understand how the ancient Egyptians were capable of building such gigantic structures.

Enjoy the evening touring Aswan on your own style or you can go to the marvelous sound and light show at the Philae Temple, to enjoy a fascinating illustration of the history of the Temple of Philae and the entire Egyptian history and watch the amazing light show. Overnight in Aswan

Day 9: Aswan - Cairo

After having the best breakfast, we check out the Nile Cruise after having a fabulous Cruise sailing down the Nile.

Then it's time to have some fun sailing down the  Nile in the old styled Felucca to visit the Botanical Garden, Also named the Plants Island; the Kitchener's Island is one of the most wonderful places in Aswan. Being covered with botanical gardens, the island is an amazing place to relax and walk under the trees.

In the 1890s, Horatio Kitchener was rewarded by this island because of his successful campaign leading the Egyptian army in Sudan. His love of plants and flowers was truly reflected in this island that he lived in for the rest of his life.

After this amazing Nile journey, you will be transferred to the Aswan airport to take the flight going to Cairo. Arrive in Cairo and have a free evening enjoying Cairo in your own style or go on the optional trip to a dinner Nile Cruise, to enjoy the delouse open buffet dinner and watch the show consisting of a an oriental performance, a belly dancer, a live singer, and a Tanoora dance performance

Day 10 : Cairo Final Departure

It is time for your amazing delicious breakfast. You will meet our representative to assist you to be transferred, using your wonderful cozy air-conditioned minivan, to the Cairo airport

Your final departure after spending a marvelous memorable tour in Egypt that you will remember for the rest of your life.

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