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Sea And Safari

Take the chance to live the safari life and see the beautiful Western Desert, White Desert, Siwa mountain, and much more during this 14 days trip.

Duration 13 nights 14 days
Cities visit in this travel package Cairo - Alexandria - Marsa Matrouh - Siwa - Bahariya - White desert - Dakhla - Kharga - Luxor
Accommodation 4 nights Cairo, 1 night Alexandria, 1 night Marsa Matrouh, 2 nights Siwa, 1 night Bahariya oasis, 1 night White Desert, 1 night Dakhla oasis, 1 night Kharga oasis, 1 night Luxor
Meals Cairo breakfast, Alexandria breakfast, Marsa Matrouh breakfast, Swia oasis full board - excludes drinks,  Bahariya oasis - full board - excludes drinks, The White Desert - fullbBoard - excludes drinks, Dakhla oasis - full board - excludes drinks, Kharga oasis - full board - excludes drinks, Luxor breakfast
Transportation by our private 4x4, private A/C car, train
Entrance Fees included
Price on request

Day 01: Welcome to Cairo

Arrival to Cairo airport, our representative will assist you through passport control formalities, luggage identification & portage will greet you. From the airport you will be transferred by a private A/C car to your hotel and overnight in Cairo.

Day 02: Cairo

Enjoy a guided tour of Giza where you will see the Giza Pyramids & Sphinx and the Solar boat museum. Have lunch at a local restaurant (at your own cost). Return to your hotel or have the driver drop you off at the Khan-el-Khalili Bazaar. Overnight in Cairo.

Day 03: Cairo - Alexandria

Depart by private car for Wadi El-Natroun where you will visit St Bishoi & Siryan Monasteries, two of the medieval monasteries built by the hermits of the 9th Century. Continue to Alexandria along the Desert Road. Visit the Roman Amphitheatre which was unearthed by accident in the middle of the 20th century and the Greco-Roman Museum with its collection of statues, coins and sarcophagie. Overnight in Alexandria.

Day 04: Alexandria - Marsa Matrouh

Today you will tour the Catacombs of Kom-el-Shokafa which depict an amalgam of ancient Egyptian and Greco-Roman deities. Visit Pompey's Pillar (Column) and have lunch before departing for Marsa Matrouh, a pretty town on the coast of the Mediterranean. Stop in Al Alamein to see the cemeteries, the small museum and the battle site. Overnight in Marsa-Martrouh.

Day 05: Marsa Matrouh - Siwa

Depart for Siwa Oasis considered being the last frontier of Egypt. One of the most interesting places in all of Egypt, Siwa is renowned for its beautiful scenery with thick groves of date palms and olive trees, and sulfuric water springs. Siwa's inhabitants are ethnically distinct from the rest of Egypt. They are a nomadic, typical Bedouin people. The town's center is dominated by the remains of the 13th century fortress of Shali. Visit the rock tombs of Gebel al-Mawta (Mountain of the Dead). The most interesting is Si-Amun's with its beautiful paintings. A short drive from the town is the citadel of Aghurmi where you will see the remains of the 26th dynastic temple of the Oracle, a site loved by Alexander the Great. Overnight at the Hotel.

Day 06: Siwa - Bahariya

Depart through sand dunes to Bahariya Oasis. This is a long drive (approximately 6 hours) and you should arrive in time for lunch at a Camp, a simple hotel above the water springs of the oasis. In the afternoon visit the newly-opened Valley of the Golden Mummies discovered in 1999 by the famous Archaeologist Zahi Hawass. His find astonished the world because of the number of mummies found buried in one huge labyrinth of tombs. Return to the Camp for your overnight.

Day 07: Bahariya - Farafra

Head over mountainous roads to Farafra Oasis. Pass through the extraordinary White Desert, whose chalky sand resembles snow and is often wind-blown into gigantic mushroom-shaped formations. Overnight in the White desert.

Day 08: Farafra - Dakhla

Early departure for the 190 mile trip to Dakhla Oasis (approximately four hours). Check-in to hotel and have lunch. Step back centuries as you visit the spellbinding medieval village of Al Qasr. Walk the narrow alleys threading among the mud-brick structures. Be sure to take note of the four/five-story Ottoman houses with their wooden-grill windows and lintels carved with verses from the Koran. Visit the 12th century mosque. Two miles beyond Al-Qasr is the El-Muzawwaka burial site, with its 1st and 2nd century tombs. Time permitting, visit Balat Village with its Pharaonic mastabas dating to the 6th Dynasty. Return to Hotel for your overnight.

Day 09: Dakhla - Kharga

Prehistoric paintings of giraffes and antelopes decorate the sides of strangely-shaped rock formations along the 125 mile road between Dakhla and El Kharga Oasis. Check-in hotel and have lunch before touring the area. Visit the museum which houses an excellent collection of regional artifacts from various eras. A mile out of town is the Temple of Hibis, built by the Persian emperor Darius in the 6th century BC and dedicated to God Amun. A mile farther is the fascinating necropolis of Bagawat, a Coptic Christian burial ground dating to the 4th century. Its mud-brick mausoleums cover many hills and some of the domes are decorated with frescoes of biblical scenes. Tour the Temple of Ghuwaytah built during the Ptolemeic era for the Triad of Amun, Mut & Khonsu. Return to the hotel for your overnight.

Day 10: Kharga - Luxor

Depart overland for Abydos, a huge necropolis dating back to 3100 BC. The most important temples were built by Seti I and his son Ramses II and the site remained prominent well into Roman times. The most complete and beautiful structure is the Temple of Seti I dedicated to several gods including Osiris, Isis, Horus and Amun. Abydos remained an important site for so long because it was a place of pilgrimage for the cult of Osiris, god of the dead. Continue to Dendara where you will visit the Temple of Hathor (woman with the head of a cow), the goddess of pleasure and love, and the mate of the god Horus. Hathor's temple with its stone roof, underground passages and columns inscribed with hieroglyphics is nearly intact. On the walls of the temple's Outer Hypostyle Hall are scenes that depict the Roman emperors Augustus, Tiberius, Caligula, Claudius and Nero as pharaohs. Return to Luxor and transfer to a local hotel for your overnight.

Day 12: Luxor - Cairo

After breakfast visit The West Bank in Luxor - the Valley of the Kings, Valley of The Queens, Temple of Hatshepsut at El Deir El Bahari and Colossi of Memnon , transfer to the railway station to take the train on your way to Cairo.

Day 13: Cairo

Arrive Cairo, transfer to your hotel, overnight in hotel.

Day 14: Cairo, Final Departure

After breakfast, our representative will transfer you to the airport and assist you through final departure formalities.

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