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Sinai - the penisula between Africa and Middle East. Not only due to the history it is a special part of Egypt. Discover this peninsula with our tour.

Camel Trekking in the Sinai

Pyramids, Nile, Sinai


The scenery of this trekking reminds of the beginning of the earth. This tour is leading us through valleys, mountains and canyons. It is for those who want discover this magnificent landscape and learn about the way of life of the Bedouins. This tour will take you to rural Egypt on the Nile and to the shores of the Red Sea. See the Pyramids and Sakkara. Cruise the Nile for 4 days and then relax in Sinai before returning to see Old Cairo and the Museum. In Sinai optional excursions into the desert and mountains are available.
Duration: 9 days Duration: 12 days
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Biblical Sinai Trek

Sinai Desert Safari

coloured1 catherine4
Have 5 days trip and visit the Colored Canyon, St. Catherine’s Village, Sheikh’s House, Wadi Tal’a, Wadi Shag, St. Catherine Monastery & Ein Hudra. The mountains of the Sinai, shining of a reddish colour in the sun of the evening, structure the impressing slide of beginning and of end of your trip while leaving from Gizeh Pyramids until the Mount of the Sinai. Our hotels located on the Aqaba Gulf or in Nuweiba, invite you thereafter to a relaxing holiday.
Duration: 5 days Duration: 9 days
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Best of Sinai

This 9 days tour brings you to the ancient monuments in Cairo and let you discover the Sinai with St. Cathrine Monastry, Mount Moses and Dahab leisure.  
Duration: 9 days  
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