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Biblical Sinai Trek

Have 5 days trip and visit the Colored Canyon, St. Catherine’s Village, Sheikh’s House, Wadi Tal’a, Wadi Shag, St. Catherine Monastery & Ein Hudra.

Duration 4 nights 5 days
Cities visit in this travel package St. Catherine
Accommodation 4 nights camp
Meals full board
Transportation by our private deluxe coach - jeep 4x4
Entrance Fees included
Price on request

Day 1: Colored Canyon

From Taba, you pack our gear on Jeeps and drive towards the “Colored Canyon”, where we hike (approx. 1 hour) through the colorful gorge. Then we drive to St. Catherine’s Village, where we have lunch in the local Bedouin Restaurant. Our gear is taken to the local Sheikh’s House, where it is being loaded on Camels that will accompany us during the Sinai-Trek, just like in Biblical times. A short hike on some ancient camel-roads brings us to a Bedouin Garden, where we spend the night.

Day 2: Wadi Talaa

Hike through Wadi Talaa, where many Palm-Trees can be seen. A steep ascent through Wadi Shag brings us to a natural spring, where, in years with sufficient rain, there is a swimming opportunity. Then we climb through the narrow gorge of Wadi Sagr, after which we set our camp in a Bedouin Garden nearby.

Day 3: Wadi Tinya

In the morning we visit the Bedouin Holy Site Sheikh Santa, which gives us an insight to the way holy places were attended in Biblical times. Then we continue on a well-frequented Camel-Road to Wadi Tinya ("The Wadi of the Figs"). Another well-built road brings us up Jebel (Mt.) Abbas Pasha. An ancient path, used also by the Byzantine eremites brings us to our next campsite, in a Bedouin Garden as well.

Day 4: Mount Sinai

Today we ascend the famous Mount Sinai, but we climb it from behind, on a less known route, that enables us to see some ancient hermitages, dated back to the times of the first Christian monks. Except for the majestic landscapes, this area enables us to understand the roots of Monotheism and Christianity. O/N: CAMP at the foot of Mt. Moses.

Day 5: St. Catherine Monastry - Taba

We descend Mt. Moses on the "Stairs of Repentance" (Ca. 4000 stairs) to visit the St. Catherine Monastery. This monastery is the oldest continuously active monastery in the world, and hence famous for its large collection of ancient icons and manuscripts. We will also be able to visit the traditional site of "The Burning Bush" and "Jetro's Well". Then we drive back to the village, where our camels await us with our luggage. Our transportation has from now on 4 wheels again... On our way down toward the Red Sea we can visit the "Rock of Inscriptions" where pilgrims left their marks during centuries, and also view the Oasis Ein Hudra (Biblical Hatzerot) from an Observation-Point nearby. In the afternoon, drive back to Taba.

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